Rhema Word Cathedral is situated in Albany/Dougherty County in the very heart of Southwest Georgia. What began as a “prayer house” evolved into a traditional Baptist church called Williams Spring Baptist Church, and eventually grew to its current status as a thriving interdenominational fellowship, Rhema Word Cathedral.

Several pastors served the church throughout the years, and in 1990, Victor L. Powell became pastor. Under Bishop Powell’s leadership, the church has experienced tremendous growth across the board, but the most significant area of growth has been spiritual. Bishop Powell has directed the establishment of several ministries within the church that enabled members to share, discuss, and confront life while embracing the Kingdom.


Our mission is to energize the people of God to upgrade their lives in every area, develop leaders, and establish the kingdom of God in the earth – effectively reaching the world.

2016 - 2017 RWC VISION


Anticipated Outcomes

  • Build Legacy through Men-Boys and Girls  Mentoring Programs
  • Develop a weekly Feeding and Clothing Program
  • Establish a Leadership Development Institute
  • Ensure succession by preparing new leaders
  • Initiate Wisdom to Win Souls Campaign
    • Win people to Jesus Christ and grow our community via
      • Social Media
      • Creating a “Youth World”
      • Adopting a homeless/indigent person
  • Broaden global relationships
    • Africa
    • China
    • Philippines